Double History represents the combined efforts of a group of dedicated enthusiasts who spend odd hours seeking to expose the quirks and mysteries at the heart of the established facts. By fantastic coincidence, the writers first came together after realising they had all been given the same first name: following this obvious sign, they believed it their destiny to establish a forum for their combined Jeffness and spread the collective word. Let them tickle your historical tastebuds with their innovative theories and fearless challenges to the established canon of well-known facts. All Jeffs for one and one Jeff for all!

Meet the Jeffs:

Jeff de Cuisine is the pseudonym of an independent researcher who is prepared to go boldly and fearlessly where most historians fear to tread, and stand up for the truth wherever he finds it.

Jeff R Sun is a dedicated Ricardian, whose life-long aim has been to write the wrongs done to all the Richards and to rehabilitate the great kings’ reputations.

Jeff Fuel: you can usually find me 3 sheets to the wind in your local dive bar playing 70s Rock on the jukebox. I drink for free on a tab that will never be paid . Making you laugh and entertaining you daily is clearly enough. I’m a rock star, a dreamer, an artist , a lover and a fighter. I’m a jack of all trades and master of none. I was a contende

Jeff. R. Vescent can usually be found lying silently at the bottom of a fish bowl. Sometimes he comes out to drink lemonade, knit socks and ride non-stop round London on the tube. He is the reincarnation of a prune that was diced and served to Edward IV in a banquet on Christmas Day 1468.

J E F Dingle-Bell is an ex-Royal Marine with a keen interest in history. She has travelled extensively and is a member of several Theosophist societies. She is a keen student of the occult and has a number of Spirit Guides, some of which can be trusted. In her youth, she trained as a ballerina but her height prevented her from taking it up professionally. She is the author of several unpublished works and is an accomplished poet and tatter. She lives with her third husband in a small village somewhere on the coast. Her history credentials are confirmed by the existence of several daughters and a small colony of cats.

Jeff “the wiz” Berlin. I am an active agent in an international spy agency , and a pinball enthusiast. My family is directly descended from Anne Boleyn, and has had to change our name several times to avoid Tudor vengeance. We have long worked behind the scenes to dispel Tudor propaganda, but the program “The Tudors” has undone all of our good work. My cousin Jeff failed to kidnap Jonathan Rhys Meyers and force him into exile in 2006, so that is pretty much all his fault.

Jeff Borden‘s eyes still well with tears when he thinks of Richard’s tragic death at the battle of Bosworth and of Anne Boleyn’s death at the hands of her syphilitic, vicious, and enormously fat husband.  He is at present working on a novel about the union of Richard III and Anne Boleyn in the afterlife.

Jeff Roe Tull‘s love of history developed after reading Hanna Barbera’s comic “Scooby Doo and The Ghost of Redbeard” (#26, 1970). He eventually went on to earn his history degree after sending in $19.99 and a self-addressed stamped envelope in to Degrees R Us. Jeff’s knowledge grew into obsession after discovering Wikipedia and all of the facts that were just a click away. While not working on his dissertation about the eight wives and 28 children of Henry VIII, Jeff can be found practicing his twerking moves with his very own reconstruction of Richard III’s head, which he made from homemade Play Dough, Silly String and maraschino cherries.

Jeff Robodene. Born at a very early age, I wasted my adolescence perusing the comic book stores of the labyrinthine passageways of Marrakesh … Not easy, for I had never been further than Birmingham ( England that is…not that other place across the wild and desperate ocean).
’twas there I found inscribed upon a wall in cheap chalk the mystic ruins ..( Deciphered only by my copy of ‘I Spy Mystic Runes of Marrakesh’) … These…Very…Words …
“Yea … It is Written!!!!!!
Only Jeff Shall Have the Answers…
Only Jeff Shall Turn the Key…
This Means YOU Robodene ..!!”

Jeff ‘Jefferty’ Jeff When I was born my parents took one look at me and decided that I would never be able to remember anything complicated so they called me Jeffrey, Jeff for short. This would have been no problem but for the fact their surname was Jeffries and then to add insult to injury they gave me a shortened middle name, not Thomas or Thomaso or anything dignified, but Tom. That’s it. Just Tom.

Thanks Mum and Dad…..

So there I was, Jeffrey T. Jeffries, growing up, entering pimple hood and baritone days when along came a comedian called Eddie Izzard. By ‘along came’ I don’t mean he walked along my street or zoomed by on a magic carpet, just that he became an overnight success after only twenty years.  Amongst his stock technique are his Inherently Funny Words: a staple technique. He’s particularly fond of the name Jeff and of ‘jam’ and Jeff, the Roman god of biscuits and…..I won’t go on. This is about ME not Eddie Izzard….. One of his best remembered gags included the line “The guy who made the software was called Jeff Jeffty Jeff. Born on the first of Jeff, nineteen-jeffty-jeff.”

My fate was sealed. My mates all started to call me Jeff Jefferty Jeff (having never read the name and totally misspelling it) and so it has stuck.

Having a name that makes people laugh is a challenge. One either goes with it or goes under. I went with it, developing a fine, almost surreal, sense of ridicule and irony that has stood me in very good stead over my difficult, multifaceted career; it is hard cleaning many faced mirrors. (That is not my dubious career, merely an observation.)

I live in England – if you can call this living! and have had three spouses (although only one of them has been mine). I vote and pay my taxes and work and….oh, this is very boring. Enough to know that I hope you find my contributions to this blog interesting and, even when slightly surreal, educational.

Jeff Jefferies is our esteemed editor.

Jeff Sixwhotsitdorf has a love-hate relationship with Henry VIII and constantly cheats on him with earlier –medieval – times. Head still in place though….

She also has the ability to move things through willpower. All it takes is the will to raise the hand and move stuff around. Amazing, really. Another spooky talent of this Jeff is the power to set things on fire, mainly by way of not turning off the stove. Sixwhotsitdorf also believes herself to be able to communicate with earwigs which make her spend most of her summers in crammed, dark spaces, something which is facilitated by her slime-like constitution.


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