Wagner stars in cult TV programme.

Hmmm…..this Jeff had a shock!

After writing the blog about the curse of Tristan, I sat myself down to change gear with a good dose of vintage television, deciding to watch an old episode of the 1960s cult TV series The Man From U.N.C.L.E.  I missed the series at the time, mainly due to being a small and puking baby, more interested in gurgling and eating my fists than watching TV.

Robert Vaughn 2
Wagner in strange 20th century clothes
Richard wagner
Robert Vaughn in old fashioned 19th century clothes (or did I get these two captions muddled? Is this Richard Waughn or Robert Vagner? Even the names have a strange similarity.)

I began with The Vulcan Affair, the pilot episode. The plot was something like this: UNCLE agent Napoleon Solo is assigned to stop an assassination plot by the criminal organisation, THRUSH. The target is a delegation from the newly independent Western Natumba, a new African nation. The plot is under the direct control of a man called Andrew Vulcan, an American tycoon, secretly working for THRUSH. Solo recruits an old girl friend of Vulcan’s as part of his plan. Solo is played by esteemed American actor, Robert Vaughn… But this is where I had the shock! The man on the screen was not Robert Vaughn, it was Richard Wagner! I immediately checked the known facts. Wagner died on February 13, 1883 in Venice. Robert Vaughn was born on November 22, 1932 in New York.  There was forty nine years between the lives of these two men and yet, and yet! every picture I saw made the two look to be just one individual.

wagner 3
Is this Robert Vaughn or is this Richard Wagner?
Robert Vaughn
Richard Vaughn or Robert Wagner?


I had to read a lot about both men’s lives until I knew what had happened.  I has to read a lot of things I did not understand at all and I quote an example: ”For Wagner, as for Schopenhauer, life is not the end (the principle) of death. … liberation from life as nothing but eternal death is death as nothing but eternal life.”

I felt a headache coming on so I decided to get onto safer ground – I went to the pub for some Real Ale.

After I came home from the safer ground at the pub, (albeit rather wobbly as if the ground were indeed a little unsafe – that C.A.M.R.A ale is good stuff) I reached again for my Wagner treatises and at last began to make a certain sort of sense of the situation; Wagner’s dramas centre on acts of sacrifice that involve accepting death in an effort to achieve eternal love; Wagner believes that love can last for eternity if the lovers have died for love, so could Wagner have achieved the impossible in his quest for eternal love and instead found eternal life?

I had to conclude that indeed Wagner had achieved immortality, he was blessed or cursed with eternal life.

It is unknown whether this helped him with his enormous debts, still being paid by his descendants well into the twentieth century, and these debts certainly explain why he disappeared completely for that 49 years between 1883 and 1932. It is also unknown whether his creditors eventually twigged his new alias and came seeking Robert Vaughn in Hollywood. I hope not for Mr Vaughn’s sake!

Robert Vaughn is now 82 and still working and winning hearts. On February 25, 2015 Vaughn appeared in Law and Order SVU season 16 episode 16 “December Solstice” as a celebrity writer, Walter Biggs (and Mr Biggs himself may not be a made up character, but the eternally living Walter Biggs (1886–1968) American illustrator and fine art painter.) I shall investigate.

Richard Wagner is now dead. (Sorry!)

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My diary

Jeff ”Jefferty” Jeff  is currently seeking part time gainful employment for two plus hours a week in order to fund an Eye Rolling course later in the year. In his spare time he is compiling a comprehensive study of C.A.M.R.A  Real Ales. He has perfected his Aubergine Guacamole recipe deeming it now the most evil thing he has ever had the misfortune to put in his mouth, but has recovered from the food poisoning resulting from the first batch

Jeff is sad to announce he no longer has a budgerigar.

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