Versification for Consideration

They say the world is dumbing down
And people aren’t so smart
It’s such a shame they fail to get
The symbolry of art
For now we must take pen in hand
And spell the message out
No pointing hands
No glowing eyes
No demons in the sun –
“Henry IV he was my Dad’
That’s how the thing is done
I don’t blame artists of old
(For most of them were fools)
I blame the follies of today…
What do they teach in schools?

J E F Dingle-Bell

 Eleven and fifty two, Henry came to the crown,
Apart from Thomas-a-Becket and chewing straw he was a king of great renown..
And then came Richard Lion-Hearted of film and TV fame …plus a series of popular novels
Where love dare not speak its name… (Honest)
And then along came John…Big, Bad John, Big, Bad John …
And then came Henry 3 … Not a lot to say …apart from the Baron’s war so we’ll sweep that all away…
And on we go to Edward One, no need for any hassle…
He wiped out poor Mel Gibson and built a solid castle.
Edward Two, what can we say? A flounce and floods of tears,
A sad reign, ending in pain, the Bruce and poor old Piers …
..for now that’s all I have to say but it’s not all signed and sealed … I shall return  another day …and on to Bosworth Field.

Jeff Robodene


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